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Performance Horses

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The Warrigal Quarter Horse Stud was was founded by Warwick & Rosemary Champion from their property 'Longway' in western QLD for many years. Originally breeding and training Quarter Horses for stock work, the advent of the sprint racing industry saw Warwick Champion on of Queensland's leading trainers, with horses such as Easy Eddie and Rain & Hail who were unbeatable on their day.

When this racing was shut down, many of the racing bred mares were joined to working bred stallions, which saw a very athletic, hardy horse produced that suited the rigors of mustering in outback Queensland, but remained very trainable. This trainability saw these horses in high demand for performance and recreational purposes throughout the central west.

Scott & Cara took over the breeding and training of the Warrigal Quarter Horse Stud in the late 1990's, breeding up a magnificent broodmare band when they introduced the Dually Cool cutting bloodline to the Warrigal mares.

Unfortunately the Millenium drought which ran from 1997 to 2009 saw the majority of the Warrigal herd decimated along with much of the rural industry in western QLD. A small nucleolus was able to be retained however, and this small group has been the main stay of Scott & Cara's return to breeding, culminating with Metallic Honour competing in the 2023 NCHA Futurity.

History -  Warrigal Quarter Horse Stud

Beggars Budget - Q-1969

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Nyanda Daddy Cool - Q-46459

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