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About us

Scott & Cara Champion met, married and raised their family in western QLD, where their work was based around managing cattle properties, breeding, breaking and training Quarter Horses for stock work and contract stock handling. During this time, a constant stream of knowledge was gained from Gordon McKinlay, Ken May, Ian Francis, Ray Hunt and Pat Parelli to name but a few.

This knowledge was applied to breaking and training techniques that saw the Warrigal Quarter Horse Stud become one of the foremost producers of recreational and stock horses in central QLD.

Since moving to the Purga/Peak Crossing area , with the help of Darren Palmer, Cutting Horse training and breeding has become the focus of their passion, along with horsemanship coaching. Having competed in numerous different events, from Endurance Riding to Bronc Riding, and Working Cowhorse to Team Roping, we recognise that he mental side of riding and competing is fundamental to any level of success. From our home at Peak Crossing, we are dedicated to helping anyone who wishes to improve their riding skills.

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