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Horsemanship Coaching

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When Scott won the Team Roping at the Mt Isa Rotary Rodeo in 1994 it was a culmination of a decade and a half of try. Partnered with a long friend Warren Saunders, who rode Scotts' calf roping/healing horse Douge, Scott headed on another Warrigal QH to place 2nd for the first round and win the second round of the competition against the best competitors in Australian Professional Rodeo.

Winning this Event on two horses that Scott had bred and trained was the culmination of years of dedication to the sport, with  all of the heartache that comes from learning to be competitive on horses that you have trained yourself. But it was the understanding of the mental side of competition that Scott credits most to this success, and it is this understanding that forms the basis of Scott & Cara's coaching program.

Our aim is to help people to define where they want to go with their horsemanship and to encourage them to follow through with their dreams, so that they are willing to commit to. A vital part of this process, if you wish to compete at a top level is to find a mentor who can train you to be competitive in your chosen field, and Scott & Cara have a wide range of friends and colleagues across many industries who they can call on to mentor you to the highest level.


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