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Weaner Handling


Quiet, tractable cattle have been proven to not only be safer and easier to manage as they grow to adulthood, but also provide improved profitability to the grazier through increased daily weight gain. Many land holders in South East QLD, manage and move their stock by enticing them with feed, which works well while the animal wants to play the game.

Weaner training, done correctly, ensures that the cattle are docile and easy to muster in the future, which is particularly important for replacement heifers going into the cow herd. The process of breaking weaners to feed out under control and return to the yards peacefully is crucial to improving the efficiency of both large and small scale livestock operations.

We take great pride in our livestock handling services, and are able to travel to your property for large mobs or small herds are able to be transferred to our facilities to keep costs down. At all times we strive to take great care of your animals. Contact us today to book us in to quieten your cattle and prepare them to handle quietly and efficiently.

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