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Property Development

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After 20 plus years of managing rural properties and planning new developments on these properties, we have a good understanding of the difficulties of accurately visualizing your plans. In order for you to be able to place fencing and other infrastructure, and be sure that it will all fit, it is imperative that you start with an accurate model that details the lay of the land, understand where the water flows and the areas you need to protect.

Beginning work as a surveyor in 2010, Scott has since become an expert in engineering surveying and design, as well as property boundaries surveying. Importantly, we are familiar with the best ways to minimize cost, while maximizing the output, through the use of GPS and computer-aided design.

Call us to discuss how we can help you to design your property development to ensure that it is both effective and efficient. The single most important aspect is to be able to plan all of your future development, but to only place and develop those areas that you give highest priority to, while knowing that you have an accurate plan in place for future development as funding becomes available.

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