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Foundation Training


Decades of studying horsemanship has led us to develop a foundation training system that sees each horse seeking to build a relationship with their rider. This relationship, built upon trust and respect, sees the horse and rider combination grow in confidence, competence and calmness. 

This simple system works because the horse learns through consistency and repetition, what is expected of them, and we aim to ensure that we don't ask too much of the horses in any one training session, but instead seek to ensure the horse's understanding and ability continually grows.

The three main cow horse events in Australia, Campdrafting, Cowhorse and Cutting, all require the horse to be thoroughly grounded in the foundation of cattle work. Three abilities make up the foundation of these events. These abilities are:

  • Rate the cow

  • Stop the cow

  • Turn with the cow

This is as simple and as difficult as training horses for these events gets, however it all revolves around getting the horses mind and being able to trust them to listen to you, and trust you in the heat of competition. This is the foundation that we insist on putting on every horse that goes through our program.

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